June 5, 2011

Albany, Oregon

Did not really have a problem driving to Albany, Oregon -- but it was a long day on Wednesday, with rain most of the way.  Stayed one night at a KOA park and even saw a double rainbow.

On Thursday, we moved over to the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) regional Rally held at the Linn County Fair Expo Center in Albany.  We lucked out once again with the parking spot they gave us.  It was very close to the center of all activities.

We were parked on the one way drive around the Expo Center and only had to walk to the buildings behind us for all activities.  Only six RVs were parked on this strip.

All of the other 400 plus RVs had to park in the adjacent parking lots, with some RVers parked on gravel and rather close to their neighbors.

But, the weather was beautiful!

Each morning, they started the day with free coffee and doughnuts.  Donuts are something we have long eliminated from our diets -- except for special occasions, like this one and when I am in Cold Spring, Minnesota where one can't leave the place without having visited the Cold Spring Bakery.

(Taken with cell phone.)

Every time we attend one of these Rallies, we pick up new information.  Jerry learned how to unhook the Tahoe from the RV in a simpler and much faster manner.  Of course, he had to buy some locks first to deter some other person from deciding that he needed the bar that will now remain attached to the front of the Tahoe with the new locks.

Last night we attended a show by a very talented and entertaining young man named Brady Goss who performed in the style of Jerry Lee Lewis for all these old people who attended.  Kind of felt sorry for him having to work so hard to get this type of audience to go along with him.  After nearly an hour into his concert (which Jerry and I thoroughly enjoyed), he asked if it were okay with the audience if he went over an hour.  No one responded -- so Jerry, on the spur of the moment and from the back of the room, yelled "We've got to take our medications."  The audience cracked up, but I think the people sitting at our table wanted to hide.  Brady, who was quick-witted during the show, said, "I don't have a come back for that."

One thing we always look forward to at these Rallies is that we get to see the latest RVs and see what new things the manufacturers have added to them.  

Today, with the Rally over, we drove a total of 1/8 of the mile or just directly across the street from the  Expo Center where we will be for a week.  The reason we are hanging around here is because we have to have our fridge fixed with a new piece under a manufacturer recall.  It looks like the weather here will be nice for the week, so we are looking forward to some good bike rides.

Have a great week.

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