March 28, 2010

Only Three Weekends Left!!!

One thing we discovered in downsizing is that it is quite a process!  A decision has to be made with every single item in this house -- from a small soap dish to the large entertainment center!  Do we give it to one of the kids?  To the Goodwill?  Save it for a garage sale?  Or put it in storage -- just in case we may need it in the future?   Then again, why should be pay for monthly storage rental fees to save "stuff?"  For us, it comes down to this: items we received as gifts, we give back to the original giver; things the kids can use, we give to them; other things we sell on Craigslist or eBay (I am nearly finished selling all of my yarn on eBay); we plan on one more garage sale before we leave; and we put into storage boxes of photos (until we get around to scanning them into a computer), legal documents we are required to keep during a prescribed document retention period, and unique items that can't be replaced (the Jukebox that plays 45s, teak chairs imported from Scandinavia, art).  So, this past week we rented a storage area and have started to bring boxes of photos and documents to it. 

We work hard during the week trying to make this dream happen, but we take the time on the weekends to get together with friends.  This past weekend, our friend, Greg, drove down from Scotts Valley, CA, to join us for a couple of days.  We will miss entertaining at our house, something we love to do.  Of course we had to take him out for Sunday brunch at our favorite Cambria outdoor eating place -- Moonstone Beach Bar and Grill.  We will miss that place, but expect to come back many times in our travels.
Hey Greg, you were suppose to cover the "No Smoking" sign!
Just like last week with Jenny, we then took another walk on the Moonstone Beach walkway.
Greg & Jerry
Later, Jerry made a leg of lamb that Greg brought with him -- and we dined in style!
Leg of Lamb (with a buttermilk marinate) and Oven-Baked Rosemary Potatos!

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