April 11, 2010

Nine Days Left! Counting Down!

No pictures this time, just an update.  We had our garage sale yesterday, sent some thing back with Shan and Natalie who came to visit us this week, have loads of "stuff" to take to The Goodwill, sent books to Sean, the front yard is finished, the house is painted, the windows washed inside and out, people still coming to see the stuff we have listed on Craigslist, sold all the yarn on eBay, making trips to the storage facility, and started to load the RV.  On top of all this, we both came down with the flu (this downsizing is exhausting!). 

Although we haven't seen the article yet, we understand that we are in the May/June issue of the AARP Magazine under the title "Retired and Loving It."  At least 5 people who came to the garage sale mentioned seeing us in the magazine.  Now, if only our copy would arrive!

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