March 15, 2010

Great Family Weekend

All of us on the Fiscalini Ranch

Susan (daughter) and her husband (Raul) and three grandkids (Ivan, Samantha and Christian) spent the weekend with us in Cambria.  Gave Jerry a chance to cook for more than just two people.  Great eating!!

Samantha helping Jerry bake a cake.
Lots of chess playing - in fact, obsessed with chess - and watched the movie "Searching for Bobby Fisher"!  At least one game of chess was in progress nearly all the of the time (except for sleep, eating and walking on the Fiscalini Ranch).
Ivan and Raul are in serious competition!
Only one more month before we are finished with the house and are out of here for good.  Sold lots of knitting books and items on eBay last week.  Even sold all of my machine knitting equipment.  (RV living requires a bit of an adjustment -- it will be hand knitting for me going forward).  Jerry is almost finished with the new bathroom.  The painter is almost finished painting the house, and the landscape people have been working on the front of the house for the last 10 days.  It's all coming together!

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