July 28, 2014

California and Oregon 2014

Here we are in July and only now posting an entry on this blog. Part of the reason is that lots has happened in the last six months. The other part is that we have been enjoying our lives and not taking the time to document them.

After spending the Christmas holidays with family and friends in the Los Angeles area, we stayed at our favorite place along the Pacific ocean in Ventura where we took in the beautiful sunsets in January.

 Sunset over the Pacific Ocean in Ventura

Then, arriving in Pismo Beach, we spent two months at the Pismo Coast RV Village and nearly four months at the Oceano Dunes RV Resort.

Oceano Dunes

During all of our travels, we were constantly keeping in the back of our minds the question: would this be a good place to settle down in after we slow down our RVing lifestyle? This meant that we had to consider the location to medical facilities and shopping, the weather (especially heat, humidity, and snow), closeness to family, and mosquitoes. Once we were back on the Central Coast of California, we realized that this is the best place for us. We love the Pismo Beach area.

With that in mind, we stepped up our search for a place to live. We found it directly across the street from the Pismo Coast RV Village and the State Park. We purchased a 2012 "park model RV" in the Pismo Dunes Senior Park. That is where we will live when not on the road. As of today, we have yet to spend a night in it, though we have it furnished and ready for us when we return.

Our house in Cambria was being rented out for the last two-plus years. After our accountant contacted us about our tax situation if we continue to rent out the house, we decided to put the house on the market. We received a full price offer in two days. Escrow closed 40 days later. While all of this was going on, we made a vehicle trip to Minnesota to attend a relative's wedding.

 Traveling through Colorado on our way to Minnesota

With all of that settled, we took off for Oregon for the summer. John and Marijean traveled with us for part of the trip, but now have returned to Temecula.
Purchased a whole king salmon while in Fort Bragg, California.

 While staying at Klamath River, we visited the Trees of Mystery
with John and Marijean.

The 4th of July week was really special. Pat and Bill joined us at Linda and Jamie's place in Grants Pass, Oregon. That was the first time in years that Jerry was able to be together with his two sisters.

 We spent a few days at the Seven Feathers RV Resort
in Cannonville, Oregon.
This was probably the nicest RV park 
in which we have stayed.

 Next stop was Osprey Point in Lakeside, Oregon.

Here we are parked at Paradise Cove near Rockaway Beach.

This was an interesting place. Jerry purchased a fishing license good for three days. Every few hours he would check his basket to see how many crab he could catch. He ended up with nine. All the baby crab, females, and those under 5.75 inches had to be returned to the water. He steamed and shelled them.

The crab steamer in the foreground is provided by the RV Park.
Our coach was located right next to it.

The dock where Jerry lowered his basket for catching the crab.

Some of the crab that Jerry caught.

Sunset over the docks at Paradise Cove.

Rockaway Beach

We then moved on to Astoria, Oregon. The picture depicts the 
remains of a cargo ship that ran a ground in a storm in 1906.
By the way, we travel only 30 to 45 minutes each time to move on to the next park.

World War II Bunker used to sink a Japanese ship.
The Astoria Column sits on top of a hill. There are 
164 steps to the top. Jerry
climbed to the top where he had a 360 degree
view of Astoria, the Columbia River and
Young's Bay.

View of Young's Bay from the hill of The Astoria Column.

Famous Astoria Farmer's Market 
which covers four blocks.

We are off to Portland and the Columbia River tomorrow for the next two weeks. 

Continue to live the life you love!

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