November 9, 2013

Pismo Beach, California

 We made it! We are back at the Pismo Coast RV Resort after our 20-month, 20,000-mile trip covering 42 states. So now, we have been to all 49 states with our motorhome. And, we will be the first to go to Hawaii when they build the bridge to that place. 

Because we will be settling in for months at a time here in California, we will not be updating this blog on a regular basis until we travel again. From time to time, however, we will continue to post pictures because that is what we love to do.

This posting will vary slightly from our other ones because we want to briefly relay our thoughts and feelings about where we went and what we saw in those 20 months. 

First of all, there is a palpable difference between the East Coast and the West Coast. The high energy on the East Coast far surpasses that of the West Coast. California people say “hi” or “have a nice day.” Eastern folks study you when you say those things. In the South, we were “Mr. Jerry” and “Miss Mary.”

In California, road kill consists of raccoons, squirrels, and deer. In Florida, it is alligators. East Coast and the Central State rest areas are first class, with food courts, shops, and fuel. In California, you hope the next one isn’t closed when you get to it.
If you are ever looking for places to visit (by RVing or otherwise), we would recommend these places for their beauty and historical significance: the Florida Keys, Baton Rouge, LA, Charlotte, NC, Charlestown, SC, St. Louis, MO, Lexington, KY, Savannah, GA, Yorktown, Jamestown and Williamsburg, VA, and the States of Pennsylvania, Vermont and Maine – to name a few.

We spent time watching small town television newscasters in the various areas that we visited. Let’s just say – we knew that we were in small town USA when the big news story was a bicycle missing from the local library.

Since we have been back to Pismo Beach, we have seen our friends, Marlene and Paul, a couple of times, first in Cambria on Tuesday and then for an early dinner at Steamers in Pismo Beach on Thursday.

 We had a stranger take this picture of us.
Sorry that it isn't more clear.

Marlene and Paul

Sun going down in Shell Beach, California

Shell Beach, California coastline as sun was going down

Pismo Beach Pier

Sun going down at the Pismo Coast RV Resort
earlier in the week.

Cambria, California coastline (picture
taken at the bottom of our hill)

We are glad we took the time to see America. It was a great trip and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Now we are going to enjoy our time in California in the coming months. We will post more entries and photos sporadically going forward.

Continue to enjoy the life you love;
and love the life you live!


Larry and Sharon said...

Thank you for sharing your travels with us! I will miss your weekly updates. I've learned a lot from your blog, stayed at some of the places you've reported on and visited a few more. I've found your tastes to be comparable to ours. I know you'll continue to post and I'll continue to read. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jerry and Mary,
I thought of you this morning when our cat, Midnight, jumped up on the counter. She has the run of the house because we just love her so much and if it weren't for you, we would not have had the past 2 years with her. We will NEVER forget what you did 2 years ago at Pacific Dunes in Pismo. We think of it often and are thankful today and every day. God bless and Merry Christmas coming up! :)
Donna Block/Temecula CA

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