July 20, 2013

Iowa City, Iowa

Traveling from Ann Arbor, we spent one night at the Hickory Hallows Campground near Utica, Illinois. It was soooo hot and humid -- temperature at 95 and dew point at 73. But, looking at the weather map across the USA, we were certainly not alone.

We were making our way to Forest City, Iowa, where we expect to get some work done on our coach and attend the Winnebago Rally. The last time we attended a Winnebago Rally was in 2008. That was the time that I inadvertently put super glue in my eye, instead of eye drops, and had to be taken by ambulance to a hospital 30 miles away.

But, before arriving in Forest City, we spent two nights at the Colony Country RV Park in Iowa City. This is small (45 sites) beautiful park. My long-time friend, also named Mary S., has lived in Iowa City for some time, but now splits her time between Chicago and Iowa City. We saw her last year as we came through Chicago.

Parked at the Hickory Hallows Campground
near Utica, Illinois

This is a private park, very clean and with low rates.

Soy bean field next to the Colony
Country Campground

Mary and I had a great time catching up with each other again. For anyone who has had a close friend for over 40 years, you will appreciate how the topics of our conversations have changed over that period of time as we enter and have entered different phases of our lives -- from children, marriage, careers, retirement and the time frame ahead.

Mary S. and Mary S.

The day we were together (Wednesday, July 17) was very hot. As Jerry and I love going through Presidential Libraries in our travels, we were surprised to find one in West Branch, Iowa, 15 miles from Iowa City -- the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Museum. So the three of us visited the Library.

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Museum

Herbert Hoover National Presidential Site

Herbert Hoover was easily elected the 31st President in 1928. He was popular and the people loved him, until the stock market crashed on October 29, 1929, only 9 months into his presidency. It all went down hill from there.

Replica of President Herbert Hoover
Hey, is he having a Starbucks?

Really small house in which President Hoover
was born on August 10, 1874
(I could easily live in a house like this today)

Also at the Museum was a temporary display of 
items from the Civil War era.

A life mask of President Abraham Lincoln and
hands cast March - May 1860 by
sculptor Leonard Wells Volk

Replica of the gun that killed President Lincoln

Burial sites of Herbert Hoover and his wife, Lou

The grounds around the Library contain walkways

Later that evening, we all went out to dinner at a great restaurant called the Iowa City Power Company Restaurant. Both the food and ambiance were fabulous. 

View from the window of the restaurant

Jerry and Mary S. sitting at our table

I had the chocolate mouse and Jerry had the 
raspberry chocolate cheese cake.
(What a memory! I can still taste it.)

Then, after saying our "good byes" to Mary S., we travel a couple of hundred miles to Forest City, Iowa where we will be attending the Winnebago annual Rally, and getting some work done on our coach. 

Appreciate your blessings and
continue to live the life you love!

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