July 28, 2013

Forest City, Iowa (Winnebago Rally)

For the most part, the 2013 Winnebago Grand National Rally (GNR) in Forest City, Iowa, was a success. Most importantly of all, the weather cooperated. It was a beautiful week with weather in the low 80s, very little humidity, and with minimal rain. Only the last night's entertainment was rained out.

Jerry was on the agenda for one of the seminars, "How to Write and Self-Publish Your Book." It was well received.

Jerry speaking at the seminar.

If you didn't want to walk the grounds, there were
hundreds of golf carts for rent.

The opening ceremony consisted of a parade with participants from the State Chapters of the various Winnebago Clubs. Some entries were more elaborate than others.

The Minnesota participant in the parade.
(Keep in mind, someone had to either ship or carry
on their RVs the various pieces making up their
entry in the parade.)

Jay and the Americans performing. They sang their hit songs of the 60s including, Cara Mia, Come a Little Bit Closer, and Only in America.

We both attended a number of seminars -- it is always good to learn new things! Keeps you young.

On the not so fun side of this trip, we had our motorhome in for some tweaking, like adjusting the slide out, repairing the air conditioner and reattaching the muffler that we tore off going over a bridge in the Grand Isle that was not made for motorhomes. Winnebago does not take appointments the week before and week after the Rally. So, it was take a number and wait. We were no. 260. Since they also only would work on seven items on your list, we made an appointment for September 3 to go back for the rest of the work. That is the not-so-fun part about owning a condo on wheels. But, we take is all in stride. After all, we are not on a schedule.

Iowa corn looking good! 

Last time we showed you a picture of Iowa soybeans and this time a picture of Iowa corn. Talked to one woman at the Rally who had visited northern California once and was shocked at all the other foods being grown there. In Iowa, they just have corn and soybeans.

Drove to Minnesota yesterday and are spending the week in Rockville in front of Dave and Dorothy's garage. Dave was kind enough to put in an electric outlet for us. We've been here before and love it. Time to spend time with relatives and also continue to upgrade our coach. Right now Jerry is working on taking out our heavy monstrous television which we will replace with a slim LCD. Soon we will have tons of storage that will be behind the new television.

Until next time, enjoy the week ahead.
Continue to live the life you love.

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