June 13, 2013

Washington D.C.

We are leaving here tomorrow to drive up to the Philadelphia area. Our plans going forward have changed, as there is a family emergency and I need to get back to Minnesota. Thus, Jerry will continue onto New York while I (and Chanti) travel to Minnesota with my sister, Lavern, and her husband, Bob. We will see them after we get to Pennsylvania tomorrow.

But, I thought I would post the pictures we took this week before I leave, as I have no idea when I will be back to Jerry and the coach.

On a lighter side, we really had a great time with Denise and Clyde last Sunday night. We talked about all the fun we had together years ago --- taking a train ride from LA to Vancouver, attending the Rose Parade, and the dinner parties.

Me with Clyde and Denise

And, we promised not to let 14 years go by until we see each other again!

We visited the Ford Theater where President Lincoln  was shot on April 15, 1865.

Bronze bust of President Lincoln in the Ford Museum

The Ford Theater
President Lincoln was sitting in the booth to the right
at the time he was shot. John Wilkes Booth who shot
the President then jumped over the balcony on to the stage,
injuring his leg in the process.

Another view of the balcony.
Hey, what's that kid doing in my picture?

We also visited the Museum of American History on another day. Didn't take any pictures though. And, toured both the Library of Congress and the Capitol.

The Library of Congress

Front entrance of the Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is absolutely beautiful.

Another view inside of the Library of Congress

If you are in Washington, D.C., do not
miss seeing this building!

We even saw President Thomas Jefferson's Library that is housed very nicely in the Library of Congress, but couldn't take pictures in the area.

And then there is this long tunnel under the 
road over to the Capitol.

We had a tour of the Capitol, but are only going to post one picture in this blog for now.

Ceiling in the Capitol Rotunda

Yesterday, we also visited the National Air and Space Museum. That is the one great thing about this wonderful city -- all these Smithsonian Museums are free. 

National Air and Space Museum

The Spirit of St. Louis

The Wright Brothers' Plane

Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across
the USA and she did it in this plane. 

Signing off for now. Please pray for my sister, Dorothy, and her family. 

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