June 30, 2013

Parish, New York

Where do we start? First off, my sister, Dorothy, is now at home and doing well. Only thing for her is that she has to drastically slow down her fast-pace lifestyle going forward. It will be a challenge for her, but she has no choice in the matter if she wants to continue living life. Thank you, everyone, for your prayers. But don't stop.

Lavern, Bob and I (and Chanti) drove 20 hours in two days traveling from Pennsylvania to Minnesota, and another 20 hours in two days to get back again 5 days later. While there, we were with family most of the time.

While we were in Minnesota, Jerry checked out Philadelphia's historical sites.

Line waiting to see the Liberty Bell.

Liberty Bell with Independence Hall in the background 

From Philadelphia, Jerry headed on to New Jersey with the motor home so that he could attend the New York Book Festival in Manhattan. On Friday night (June 21), he attended an awards dinner where he accepted an award as runner-up for his second business book, Prospecting, Presentation, Close. His latest inspirational book, It's a Great Life if You Don't Weaken, received honorable mention. 

Downtown New York City with 911 Tower
(picture taken from the New Jersey side by Jerry)

Full moon coming up over New York City.
(Picture taken the night the full moon was closest to the earth.)

Meanwhile, Bob, Lavern and I (and Chanti) headed up to Bob and Lavern's lake home in northern Pennsylvania. 

It rained a lot while we were there.
(Picture of their pond.)

Our first challenge was to get Lavern's kitty (Ezekiel) and Chanti to accept one another. That only took a day or two before they each started teaching the other new tricks. One day, when we left them alone for a few hours, they worked together to open Ezekiel's cat food and between them, devoured 1/3 of the package. But for all the bad things Chanti taught Ezekiel, at least he now lets Lavern hold him the way I hold Chanti. He is a quick study.

Ezekiel with his first catch, an unlucky chipmunk. He didn't know
what to do with it, so he threw the chipmunk into the air to play
with it, and, when the chipmunk realized that he was free, 
he quickly ran away.

Here are other pictures from Bob and Lavern's lake home.

We sat by this fire on the last night.

Lavern's herbs.

Other pictures taken at their lake home.

We left them on Thursday (June 27) and headed north to the Bass Lake Resort in Parish, New York. The Resort is 30 minutes north of Syracuse, New York. Right now, it is full with 
families getting ready to celebrate the 4th of July holiday.

We will leave here on Tuesday and start our long trek back across the USA to get back to California by the end of the year. Obviously, we will be taking our time as we are in no rush to get anywhere. Our next stop will be 200 miles east of here where we will be near Niagara Falls.

We wish everyone a very HAPPY and SAFE 4TH OF JULY!!!

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