May 23, 2013

Virginia Beach, Virginia (Chesapeake)

Once again, our prayers go out to all the people in Oklahoma suffering as a result of the tornado that hit Moore earlier this week. So sad!

Here is an update on this past week in Virginia. Spent three days at the Indian Cove Resort. It is a Coast-to-Coast resort and we would have loved to stay longer, but the Park was having an event for its members.

Had a nice spot that backed against one
of the many canals in the area.

One of Jerry's meals: blackened fresh scallops
and shrimp on pasta with corn 
and caramelized onions.

Another canal in the middle of the
Indian Cove Resort.

So we moved over to the First Landing State Park also in Virginia Beach. We will have been here five days tomorrow. The park is beautiful and right on the Chesapeake Bay. Unfortunately, it has rained every day except one since we have been here.

We love being parked in woods.

We are not suppose to walk on the dunes,
but there are many wooden walkways 
leading down to the Chesapeake Bay.

Driftwood on the beach.

Road through the Park.

Trees like this are all over this Park.

Down town Virginia Beach hugs the water.

Virginia Beach Boardwalk
(dark clouds coming in)

Neptune statute on the boardwalk
in Virginia Beach

To give you a picture of how big this statute is, here are the statistics:

Plaque near the Neptune Statute.

Edgar Cayce's A. R. E. (Association for
Research and Enlightenment, Inc.)

We also visited the A. R. E. headquarters, watched a movie on Edgar Cayce, visited the bookstore and library, and took a tour of the building. Its library of metaphysical books is the second largest in the world next to the Vatican library. I know where I would be spending my time if I lived in this area!

Yesterday (Wednesday, May 22) was our best day weather-wise. 
Thus, we explored more of the historical sites.

Cape Henry Lighthouse
federally funded in 1792.
(George Washington reviewed the bids,
and Alexander Hamilton signed the contract.)

The Cape Henry Lighthouse was the first Public Works Project of the United States Government. It opened in the fall of 1792 and was in service for 100 years.

Steps inside the Cape Henry Lighthouse.
Jerry climbed the stairs to the top.

Taken by Jerry at the top of the Cape
Henry Lighthouse and showing the
new lighthouse sitting a short distance
from the old one.

Painter painting the new lighthouse.

In the afternoon, we drove out 19 miles on the Chesapeake Bay 
Bridge-Tunnel to Virginia's eastern shore. (It is a toll road, 
costing us $12 to go the 19 miles.)

 Driving the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.
(This road goes through a couple of tunnels 
under the water so that large ships can pass overhead.) 

Picture taken at a stopping
area along the way. That barge in the
background was huge.

The Chesapeake Bay Estuary extends through six states and empties into the Atlantic Ocean.

It has been raining nearly all day today. That's okay. We enjoyed our chai tea lattes which were great on a day like today.

Leaving here tomorrow and heading over to Williamsburg, Virginia -- another place of extreme historical significance. Going to be there for a week.

Continue to live the life you love.

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