May 9, 2013

Lexington, Kentucky

We are now in the Bluegrass section of Kentucky where many of the famous large horse ranches are located. In fact, we are staying at one, called the Kentucky Horse Park.

Kentucky Horse Park Sign

Parked in the Kentucky Horse Park

One of the most famous racing horses who won the triple crown in 1917 
is buried here in the park. He  was called Man o' War.

Man o' War Plaque 

Walkway leading up the burial place of Man 'o War

Man o' War Statute

There are other tribute statutes in the park for other famous horses. 
And, a number of retired famous horses are living out 
their retirement years here in the park.

Statute tribute to Secretariat

Be-A-Bono, 2004 World Champion Quarter Horse

Funny Side, winner of the 2003 Kentucky Derby and Preakness

Cigar, American winner of 16 straight starts between 1994 and 1996,
with life-time earnings near $10,000,000.

A mock-up of the forty pounds of roses laid over the Kentucky Derby winner each year.

Horses and riders are seen all over the 1,224 acre horse farm
(and horses always have the right-of-way)

Part of the Kentucky Horse Park

Beautiful Lilacs in the Park

Downtown Lexington, Kentucky

Tim, this one is for you. You could cut your grass in 
less than 5 minutes with this monster.

There is so much grass in this Park, they have 
to use these huge grass cutters.
They even have some larger than this.

We are due to get rain again tonight and tomorrow. Temperature is in the high 70s right now. We have had rain off and on for the four days that we have been here. 

Moving on to West Virginia tomorrow.

Wishing all of the mothers in the world a

Enjoy your life!

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