October 15, 2011

Ventura Beach, California

This is one of our favorite spots in the whole world. We haven't been back here for over a year. In the meantime, the place has been discovered. We were lucky to find a spot -- on a Thursday no less.

Parked at Ventura Beach

We are parked adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, about 20 t0 25 feet from the shoreline. We hear the waves as they crash against the sand and rocks all day and all night long. When the tide comes in, the water reaches the rocks that are right next to the motorhome, about 15 feet below us.

There are 126 spots for motorhomes and RVs along this stretch of the beach, and most are taken. It cost $27 a night to be here. We figured out that Ventura County collects over a million dollars a month when all spaces are filled. And, there is nothing for them to do but to collect the money and empty the trash and a couple of porta-potties.

Besides the pleasant noise of the ocean, we have to put up with the trains that pass by day and night behind us. We are used to them, and even Chanti doesn't care.

Amtrak's Surfliner making its way up the coast.

Coastline with motorhomes

Waves were 10 feet high on Thursday 

That brought out the surfers on Friday

There is something magical about a beach.

Sunset on Thursday night -- solitude!

Then, on Friday, the fog moved in. Good thing I took my pictures when I did. We've taken walks on the beach during the day and Chanti absolutely loves running free on the sand.

We plan to stay here until Monday. On Monday, we will head back to Cambria for a couple of weeks. After 18 months on the market with not one offer on our house, we've decided to lease it out for a few years until the market cooperates. Thus, our return to Cambria is so that we can move the few items we still have in the house into storage, unless the new renters want to use them. Then, on November 1st, we will be on the move again in our motorhome. While we are in Cambria, I'm not sure how much updating of this blog I will get done. Maybe nothing. But, stay tuned, as we will continue living the life we love and blogging about it.

Sunset taken on Thursday. 

This picture was taken this evening.

As you can tell, I love taking pictures of this wonderful world.

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