October 23, 2011

Cambria, CA

Before we left the beach at Ventura, Shan (son) and his two daughters came by to spend a Sunday afternoon with us.

 Natalie (front) with Chanti, Erin and Shan

Erin, Chanti and Shan had fun chasing a ball on the beach.

While Natalie had fun in the sand.

We had a nice leisurely drive to Cambria on Monday. Didn't get to the house until 6 p.m. It was foggy all around.

Parked next to our house in Cambria.

We have a list of all the things we have to do to get the house ready for the new renters who will be renting it starting November 1st. On Wednesday, we did a "walk through" with them. We will be leaving some furniture for them and moving other pieces out. Nice people.

Took at break today to go to our favorite Sunday brunch place, 
the Moonstone Beach Bar and Grill, with Pat and Bill.

Afterwards, we took a stroll along the Moonstone Beach walkway.

It was a bit foggy along the beach today.

Ground squirrels greeted us along the way.

Had to add a scenery picture -- Cambria cliffs in the fog.

Later, Jerry and I drove around Cambria to view the scarecrows all over town. Cambria started this Scarecrow Festival about three years ago. Now, there are a couple of hundred or more scarecrows all over town. Nearly every business has its own creation out front. You see people everywhere taking pictures of the various works of art. Cambria is an artist community -- so this event fits right in.

This is one of the faces of the Cambria Scarecrow Festival.

Here is the rest of her.

Priest and nuns in front of the Catholic Church.

In front of the Veterans Administration building.

In front of the mobile home park.

9/11 Memorial in front of the Fire Department.

Along Main Street in Cambria.

In front of the Pelican Inn -- whale watching.

Fisherman catches a mermaid.

This is part of the fun that the community of Cambria, California, our home base, enjoys.

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