July 17, 2011

Redmond, Oregon - The Rally

We spent the week at The Rally here in Redmond, Oregon.  The Rally is put on by Good Sam.  There were over 3,000 RVs here and over 7,000 people who attended the 4-day event.  Lots of seminars, vendors and entertainment.

The weather was great for the first few days.  Then, thunderstorms set in on Thursday and rain periodically the rest of the week.  Temperatures were in the 60s and 70s.  We can't complain as we watch on the TV what the heat wave most of the country is experiencing.

RVs parked at The Rally (taken with cell phone)

This is where we were directed to park.

Snow still on the mountains in the background.  Beautiful area.

This is just one of at least 18 sites where attendees parked.

Then, on Thursday night, Jerry prepared a meal for a fellow RVer that we first met in Bismarck, ND last year.  Larry and his wife are also retired and also enjoy the motorhome lifestyle.  Unfortunately, his wife was "nanny sitting" and so he was at The Rally by himself.  We had a very nice evening with him.  

Larry and Jerry

We made one important purchase - we bought the Magellan RoadMate Pro 91656T, a GPS system designed especially for Rvers.  After you input your requirements into the system, such as no toll roads, dimensions (40 foot motorhome with a tow car), no small tunnels, type of road you want to  travel etc., the system calculates your trip.  It also gives us up-to-date traffic notices, has blue tooth pairing with your cell phones, and point-of-interests programming.  This way, we can push one button to find our Subways, Starbucks, Staples and Verizon Wireless - the four places we look for most often as we travel.

From here, we move on to Portland, Oregon tomorrow where we will be for a week.

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