July 24, 2011

Portland, Oregon

Loved our week here in Portland, Oregon.  The scenery on Highway 26 to get here was almost like Alaska.

Snow on Mount Hood ahead

Sign on entrance to the RV park

Parked in RV Park of Portland

The temperature was in the 70s and low 80s all week.  We could bike and walk on the paths alongside this park.   Portland has bike trails all over this place.

This trail is right next to the RV park

Jerry and Chanti on a walk

Lady Bug

Then, on Thursday evening, we were able to catch up with long time former neighbors in Playa del Rey, California.  We've known Dave and Julie over 20 years.  Jerry treated them to a meal that he made at their place in Lake Oswego.  We had leg of lamb with his special buttermilk sauce, Minnesota wild rice with bacon and onion, caramelized baby carrots, and the best homemade fresh blueberry pie with cream cheese.  Fun evening with them and their daughter, Amy Beth.

Dave, Amy Beth and Julie

On Saturday, we found a park along the lake and spent some time taking pictures, and walking the area.

Canoes on the lake

We even came across a wedding in process

Close up of the wedding ceremony

Right next to the RV park is a marker for the Williamette Meridian Line (an imaginary line extending between the North and South poles)

As long as I'm back talking about this RV park, let me show you a picture of a 45 foot Prevo and the tow car, a Chevy Town and Country, with both vehicles painted in matching colors.  We talked to the owner briefly this week, just long enough to find out her name and the fact that she lives alone and drives this big rig and tow car by herself.  Amazing!

Turquoise Prevo and tow car

Then, today, we went into down town Portland to the largest book store we have ever been in.  It is called Powell's Books.  It is three levels and has over 1 million books.  There is a large coffee shop in it and more books than you will ever see at one time in your life.  I could have spent days in that place. 

Powell's Books in Portland

Portland has Verizon 4G, making life so much sweeter for us.  It took me probably 5-10 minutes to update this blog.

We leave tomorrow for Neskowin, Oregon.

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