October 25, 2010

Forest City and North Liberty, Iowa

After leaving Rockville, we drove to Hayward, Minnesota and spent one night at the KOA.  It was the last night that this RV park was open for business.  In fact, the water was shut off in the morning before we left.  Most of the RV parks around are closed or are in the process of closing up for winter.

Corn field in Southern Minnesota

Leaves off of trees

Parked at KOA in Southern Minnesota
Then drove to Forest City, Iowa - home of Winnebago.  Spent three nights at the Winnebago place for repairs on the RV.  We didn't have an appointment, but we were able to get right in.  When you don't have an appointment, they will only fix 7 items.  We were able to get the most important things fixed, so we are happy. 

On Friday afternoon, we took a tour of the Winnebago operation.  They have over 500 acres with 82 acres under roof.  Each building is designated for fabricating or integrating certain aspects of the RV.  And, they make so many different models of each type, Class A, B and C.  After the economic downturn, they are still very much in business, but had to cut their staff in half (from 4,000 to 2,000 employees), turning out 100 RVs a month instead of 250 a month, and have no debt. Very very impressive!

Parked at Winnebago in Forest City, Iowa
At Winnebago Visitor's Center

On Sunday, we drove to North Liberty, Iowa which is only 8 miles from Iowa City.  We are here specifically to see my old friend, Mary.  She drove over here last night and Jerry made a delicious maple-walnut chicken dinner for us.  Didn't take any pictures, but she is coming back today, so will follow up on our visit in the next blog.

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