October 16, 2010

Cold Spring, Minnesota

We have not disappeared! It's just that the last couple of weeks have been spent with family that we haven't had time to update this blog.  Even though I tooks tons of family pictures, I'll only be posting a few on this blog.

After we left Minot, we spent two nights in Bismarck to get the benefits of full hook-up, and get the wash done.  From there we drove to Fargo and spent another two nights at the farm with Sean and Rachelle (also met Rachelle's two darling children, Donovan and Danica).

Jerry (with his computer), Sean and Rachelle around the fire at night in Fargo
We normally stay in Dorothy (my sister) and Dave's long driveway when we come to Cold Spring.  But, we were here to attend a wedding and they are the parents of the bridegroom.  So, with lots of family coming to their place, they are generously allowing us to stay on their lot in Rockville, Minnesota, that is just 4 miles from Cold Spring.  And, my brother (Tim) and his wife (Jan) have given us a car to get around, which makes hopping from one house to another a breeze.  Thank you Dorothy, Dave, Tim and Jan.

Rockville, Minnesota is a small town of a few hundred people.  This is Main Street.

Here we are parked in Rockville, MN on Dave and Dorothy's lot.

The wedding last Friday (October 8) was beautiful.  Chris and Kristina beamed with joy.  They will live in Pennsylvania.

Chris and Kristina's wedding

Kristina and Chris right after the ceremony

We've been eating a lot.  I have four brothers and sisters living in Cold Spring, and two others that came in from Minot, ND and Westchester, PA.  Each of the Cold Spring folks have entertained us at different times.  Needless to say, Jerry and I have both gained weight.

Kasi making a wonderful dinner.

Brothers and sisters (Tim, Dorothy, Ann, Me, Dan and Lavern) (Ron had already left for Minot)

Then, on Thursday (October 14), l drove Jerry to the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport where he caught a flight to Atlanta to attend a Speakers Bureau.  He will be back on Monday, and we will need to get out of this northern area ASAP as they had snow here last year at this time.  We've lucked out this year.  The weather has been in the 50s and low 60s, but gets down to the mid-30s at night.  Chanti and I are holding down the fort (RV).  I'm having a ball with my family!

These pictures were taken about a block from where we are parked in Rockville, MN

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