May 17, 2010

Temecula, CA

Still here!  We again rented a car from Enterprise for the weekend and went back to Old Town.  John joined us on Saturday morning where we stood in line for freshly made crepes' at the Farmer's Market. 

Here is Jerry and John standing in line for the crepes'.
Here is the Dream Crepe': banana, strawberries, chocolate, whipping cream, powdered sugar and Grande Marnier. 
Then, on Sunday, we went back to Old Town where they were having "Cowboy Days."  There were re-enactments of western shootings, complete with actors in full old-fashioned clothing, stage-coach rides pulled by horses and a chili cook-off.  We just loved the energy of the place and walking the streets.  Also had to get some more home-made fudge.
I also loved taking pictures of the flowers!


Ashlee said...


(and mmmmmmmm...!!!! that breakfast looks SO yummy...)

Elek said...

Thanks for posting this. This is one more place for us to visit when we are out there visiting the grand kids. We are running out of places to go. Palm Springs is dangerous. Too many jewelery stores. By the way, wasn't Dan VanLaar supposed to get in touch? I never heard from him.