May 9, 2010

Pechanga RV Resort

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers and mother-substitutes out there!  Hope you had a day you will cherish. 
We are still at the Pechanga RV Resort.
This first week involved getting organized.  After dropping off to friends and relatives "stuff" we were carrying on the RV to deliver to them, we now have more room for what we will need to live full-time.  The project never ends.  One thing is for sure, full-timing makes shopping simple.  We basically shop only for food and toiletries.

This weekend we rented a car from Enterprise so we could get a better perspective of Temecula.  What an absolutely beautiful city!  This city certainly takes pride in its landscaping.  Almost everywhere we drove, we saw flowers, greenery, manicured boulevards, palm and other trees.  We stopped to take just a few pictures.   
We visited Old Town, a quaint part of Temecula that still has old wooden boards for the sidewalks.  It used to be a cowboy town.  In fact, John told us that, 45 years ago, he and Marijean came to Temecula and found it to be a real cowboy town with horses, gravel streets and saloons.  My, what a difference 45 years makes. 

Today, we drove about 10-15 miles out of town to check out the Skinner Lake Recreational Area.  It definitely is a possible place we may want to stay in the future sometime.  There are three separate areas for RV parking with full hook-ups. 
Last night we went to a show at the Pechanga Casino called "The Original Stars From American Bandstand," featuring Fabian ("Turn Me Loose"), Bobby Vee ("Take Good Care of My Baby"), Brian Hyland ("Gypsy Woman"), the Chiffons ("She's So Fine"), and Chris Montez ("Let's Dance").  They were old, the audience was old, and we wondered what the heck we were doing there!  Just picture those great hits being sung by 60-70 year old voices.  You have to give it to them, though, they still had a lot of energy (especially Chris Montez who got a standing ovation).  Jerry loved it since it reminded him of the late '50s.  (He could almost taste the hamburger at Bob's Big Boy in Van Nuys.)

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Elek said...

Jerry and I sure ate a bunch of hamburgers at Big Boys at Van Nuys. Hey, did Jerry ever figure out that his Crown Vic was such a dog because his dad had the engine de-tuned?