January 30, 2010

Tree Removal and Elephant Seals on the Central Coast of California

Busy week.  We are slowly moving forward, getting things done. 
Removing the tree was some endeavor!  It took 6 and sometimes 7 men working 8 hours to saw it down, piece by piece, and remove all of the wood.  Still need to repair the damage to the house.

We took some time Friday afternoon to drive 18 miles up the coast to see the elephant seals on the beach.  This is mating and birthing time for them.  We didn't see any birthing, but saw a lot of new pups.  As for the mating, let's just say that those bulls sure know how to satisfy their harem.  (Sorry, but we won't be posting those shots.)

Thousands of elephant seals beach along the California coast. 

One big bull posing for the camera!
Male surveying the scene.
Pup sucking on mother.
Just how cute is that!