January 4, 2010

This Concludes Our 2009 RV Trip

We leave Pismo Beach tomorrow and head back to Cambria.  Our 2010 plans are to sell our house, sell this Vectra RV and buy a used Prevost that we will call our new home.  With that, we will have a "tiny house and a very big back yard" (the whole United States, Canada and Alaska).  We will move where and when the spirit calls to us.  As long as our health stays good, this will be our life going forward.  Feel free to follow with us on our adventures with this blog, which may be a bit boring until we hit the road again. 


Margie M. said...

We're heading to Pismo Coast Village on Jan. 14 to stay for 5 weeks. It is our favorite place to go! Nice blog!!

Jerry and Mary said...

Thanks, Margie, for your Comment. We love Pismo Coast Village, too. Enjoy your stay there.