November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving in Los Angeles

Stopped on Wednesday (November 25) to see long time friends in LA (Bob and Nancy), their daughter (Gina) and her new baby, Danielle (age 8 months). 

From there we settled in at our daughter's place for Thanksgiving where we had everything normally served on Thanksgiving.  She made a delicious turkey and we all ate more than we should have eaten.

Jerry and Sue carving the turkey.

Raul and Christian jump into the feast.

Grandkids: Ivan, Christian, Samantha, Natalie and Erin

Said our "good byes" (we'll see them again at Christmas) and drove to Las Vegas today.  It was a pleasure driving on a newly paved three lane highway with little traffic in our direction.  But, the traffic out of Las Vegas to LA was bumper-to-bumper (going mostly 35 miles per hour or stopped) as far out as 50-60 miles from Las Vegas.  Guess everyone had the same idea: get back to LA on Saturday to beat the traffic on Sunday. 

The clouds were beautiful though it rained for a portion of the trip.

There was even snow on the mountains out of LA.
We are at our usual RV park in Las Vegas, Sam's Town - voted the best RV park in Las Vegas.

It is 56 degrees out right now and raining slightly.  We will be here a week, with our friends (John and Marijean) joining us with their RV on Monday.


Patricia said...

Glad you made it to Las Vegas safe & sound. Say Hi to John & Marijean for us. Hope you have a great week there!

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