November 13, 2009

Pismo Coast Village RV Resort, Pismo Beach, California

Went out to dinner for Chinese food at the new Chinese restaurant in Cambria on Wednesday night with Pat and Bill.  Finally, Cambria has a good Chinese restaurant!

The next morning, we ran down to the Cambria Coffee Roasting Company to get our mochas and cookies (I know, we shouldn't, but we did).   Said "good bye" to Pat, who was working there, and Tom and Lynn (the owners).  Then, we were back on the road again!  And out of that house where we needed to walk loooong distances just to go to the bedroom, bathroom, office and kitchen.  Arrived yesterday at the Pismo RV park.  There was a slight drizzle when we drove here.

Today (Friday) is a beautiful fall day, sunny and bright.  Jerry took a long run on the beach; and Chanti and I also took a long walk on the soft beach sand.  I took my camera along and shot some pictures.  Unfortunately, I had changed the setting to "vivid color" the other day when we were with Pat and Bill, so all of the pictures came out with a deep blue tint.  I tried to get rid of the blue as best as I could.  Here are some of the pictures I took this morning.

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Patricia said...

Great pictures, makes we want to come down & walk on the beach. Did Shannon make it for the weekend? See you Thursday afternoon.