April 30, 2013

Owensville and St. Louis, Missouri

Spent nearly a week in an isolated park near Owensville, Missouri, called Lost Valley Lake Resort.

Lake Valley Lake Resort entrance sign

Did I mention that we were isolated?

Not only were we isolated, but we barely had cell coverage and no internet unless we drove over to the Club House. 

The Lost Valley Lake with a couple of fisherman hanging out.

Beautiful clouds and countryside in the area.

But then the rains came -- and the cold temperatures -- and we froze for three days. Had to dig out the portable heater again to try to keep warm.

On Thursday, April 25, we drove about 90 miles to the St. Louis, Missouri area. We are actually staying in the Cahokia RV Parque that is right across the Mississippi River on the Illinois side.  

St. Louis is known for its famous 630-foot Arch historically marking the "Gateway to the West." Obviously, we loved taking all kinds of pictures of the Arch.

 The Arch as seen through the flowers in the surrounding park.

A close-up of the Arch

Another view

 I didn't realize that one can actually go up to the top of the arch, which is what we did on Monday.

We had to duck through a small opening to get into the tram
that slowly took us up to the top of the Arch. Each little room
seats five people.  Very tight quarters. Coming back down,
though, went very fast.

There are very tiny windows at the top of the Arch
that allow visitors to take pictures through them.
This is the view looking over the Mississippi River.

This is the view looking towards downtown St. Louis,
showing the famous old Courthouse in the center.

The park setting near the Arch

This is a view of the Eads Bridge built in 1874.
It was the first cantilevered bridge built.

We took this picture from the Illinois side of the 
Mississippi River after the rains stopped.

This man-made geyser goes off three times a day
and reaches over 600 feet in the air.

One last picture of the Arch.

The weather is now getting into the 80s. We are tracking our friends, John and Marijean, who left California a few days ago in their motorhome and will be joining us in this park on Wednesday. So looking forward to seeing them again. 

Live the life you love!

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