April 29, 2012

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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We spent the week in Thackerville, Oklahoma and enjoyed the peace and quiet. We had to check out the WinStar Casino, though. Neither one of us could remember being in a larger casino (and we've been in many).   It went on and on, like a chain of various casinos all on one level, each room having a different name (Bejing, Rome, etc.).

WinStar Casino outside of Thackerville, Oklahoma

The WinStar Casino (this one taken with cell phone camera)

Nice sign for such a small town

We drove a couple of hours on Saturday to get to Oklahoma City. We wrote about our stay here in our last blog (2010) and our visit to the Oklahoma City Memorial at that time. We are not visiting the Memorial this time. 

We are staying at the same place we stayed at last time, The Twin Fountains RV Resort. It's one of the nicest parks that we've stay at in our travels.

I guess that these are the "Twin Fountains." 
(The rock around here is red, so you are seeing red fountains.)

Last night, our NOAA radio would not stop going off trying to warn us about the terrible weather facing Oklahoma City, with tornadoes in the area. The rain was very heavy at times, lots of lightening and thunder that just wouldn't stop rolling on and on. I'm from the Midwest (Minnesota) and I just don't remember the rolling thunder like we've experienced in Texas and Oklahoma so far on this trip. Of course, Chanti has a really hard time dealing with all of this.

Luckily, the rain stopped this morning, just in time for this city to pull off its 10th Memorial Marathon Run, the proceeds going to support the Memorial. Jerry, having run 6 LA Marathons in a row, still has a great interest in marathons, so much so, that he got up at 6 a.m. today to position himself on the 9-mile marker area to see the run and capture pictures. 

Just some of the 15,000 runners who participated 
in the Oklahoma Memorial Run this morning.

We were also able to hook up with Barbara, a former neighbor of Jerry's in Reseda, California, and her husband, Rob, who took us to a fantastic restaurant called Stella for brunch today. What a nice couple! We really enjoyed our time with them. 

Rob and Barbara

Of course, Jerry enjoyed the fact that the restaurant lets customers
make up their own bloody marys.

Jerry, Barbara and Rob outside of Stella

Jerry was able to catch up this afternoon with a high school classmate, Allen Badgett, who also lives and works in Oklahoma City.  
Even though rain is still in the forecast, we are planning on leaving here tomorrow and continuing our trip northward. It should be one of those long days of driving.

Have a great week, everyone.

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