February 19, 2012

Pismo Beach, California

Getting anxious to get on the road again, but we first still have more to do here in Pismo Beach. Spent the last two weeks scanning old photographs into the computer and making up disks for each of the kids.    Makes one realize how fast time flies.

Had a very nice weekend with Shannon (son) and our 7 year old granddaughter, Natalie, who drove up here from LA and spent the night. Natalie also helped remind us that time is flying fast. When Jerry built a camp fire last night, she wanted to roast marsh mellows. Since we didn't have any on the coach, someone had to walk her to the nearby mini-mart to buy some. It was dark outside and I offered to take her to the store. What do you think her greatest fear was? How about her statement: "I don't want grandma to go with me because she is old and cannot protect me." FYI, we took flashlights and made the trip without incident.

Jerry, Natalie and Shan by the fire (sorry, but I took this picture with a flash)

This morning we checked out the Monarch butterflies again. 

Natalie studying the butterflies on the ground

 Monarch in tree

We did run up to Cambria to get our mail this week past week. 
Here is a picture of the coastline near Morrow Bay.

Hwy 1 Coastline near Morrow Bay

Have a great Holiday Weekend and coming week.

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