January 6, 2012

Ventura Beach, California

Arrived here on Wednesday for four days on the beach before heading up to Pismo Beach for two months. Weather is great, in the low 70s during the daytime and 40s at night. Best part about the stay this time is that the surf has been high nearly all of the time. We leave our bedroom window which faces the ocean open at night. We love hearing and seeing the crashing waves on the shore as we go to sleep and awake in the morning.

  Captured the sun setting on the first night we were here.

And, the sky turning orange-red!

We discussed whether the streak in the sky was a North Korean nuclear missile, but decided that it was just the vapor trail from an airplane flying east. It eventually passed right over our heads.

Thursday morning was our only calm day before the high tides set in.

Thursday evening -- still a bit calm

By Friday, the surf was 10 -15 feet tall and came to nearly a 
third of the way up the rocks next to the coach.

Pretty exciting, and LOUD, too!

For those who want to see the ocean in action, watch this VIDEO taken this morning.

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