September 24, 2009

Anacortes, Washington

Drove only 78 miles today to Anacortes, Washington.  The scenery was still beautiful. 

Actually, we stopped in Bellingham and Burlington to get a number of tasks accomplished: got a new air filter for the RV from Freightliner (after going over the Top of the World Highway, we need to change the one on the RV), went to Bank of America (needed more money), shopped at Trader Joes (first time since we left in April -- now we have shrimp again, Jerry's "two-buck Chuck", first press extra virgin olive oil at $5.99 instead of the $25 in Alaska!), checked in at Camping World, tried to track down a new cell phone and MiFi that I want from Verizon but the phone is too new on the market and all three places were sold out of the MiFi (need to get to a larger city for those) and then ended the day with a visit to the mother of one of Jerry's high school friends (Bruce) who is in an assisted living facility here in Anacortes.  We just reviewed what I wrote in this paragraph.  How hectic!!!  We even had to drive with other cars on the road.  It brings home just how relaxing it was in Alaska -- we only had to enjoy the beauty there.  There is definitely a different energy in Alaska. 

Anacortes is a lovely little city situated along a bay.  One can see Mount Ranier from almost every place in the city. 

We are now staying at the Northern Lights Casino RV Park behind the Casino and we also can see Mount Ranier from here. 

Also got our DirecTv back tonight after 4 months without it!  Actually, I liked not having any TV for so much our trip in Canada and Alaska and can easily live without it -- except for Jay Leno, maybe.

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